Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Another day in...

Paradise? Maybe not so much.

Aunt is in hospital again. (I love the way the Brits say that.). More serious than the last. Stable now but a diagnosis of septic pneumonia and in need of a bipap machine to get her breathing properly.

Awesome husband took an Oxford house resident to what he thought would be a meeting with his attorney and law enforcement only to discover law enforcement had a bench warrant for said resident who was promptly escorted to jail. As such dear husband felt discouraged and tired from all that comes as a result of doing good deeds.

Lest it all be doom and gloom I'll share the knitting in the works. A former student teacher recently gave birth to a pair of boy/girl twins. First this little monkey for each. (found here on Ravelry)


To be accompanied by these adorable hats- (found here on Ravelry- with kits available at this website)


So pleased at how well the two separate patterns and designers made matching monkeys.


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