Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Resolved and Pending and Stars

Human services recently (in April) sent me a letter telling me that my cousin was not qualified for extra psych group therapy (three days a week) because she collects too much social security. She collects that much social security because she has said psychological issues.

April and May were spent trying to resolve this through various government, independently contracted and county human service agencies. In fact, with all of the "answers" I got, this is the part of the story that could turn into a novel rather than a blog post. The final option and the way we stood before vacation was to completely start the reapplication process from the top and hope to get a waiver.

Until that point, the county offered emergency funding so that she could continue services. While on vacation I received an email from the director of the program asking to meet today.

Though not intentional, my resting bitch face was hard at work. I had dealt with so many beauraucrats giving me so many different and conflicting answers that I couldn't see how meeting at 10:00 am on a Wednesday morning would improve things.

Once in the meeting, the situation was again explained to me and the possibility of a waiver was ruled out based on the limited funds of the state and the high demand for requests.

As soon as that was established there was a "BUT..." She does qualify for "social group" as opposed to "psych group." Social group being a much more activity oriented group which is perfect and was the service I had hoped for originally.

I just have to wonder why oh why did it take four months and a face to face meeting for them to share this alternative with me? Every week she would ask me about it. In the meantime, the people who were supposed to be supporting her were telling her that she might not be able to come any more and also not offering up the possibility of the other group.

That is the conclusion of the resolved story.

The Pending part is all about the sweet Liza Jane. She is not putting any weight on her back right paw. Maybe it's sympathy pains. She figures if she walks like me I'll take her for a walk.

We have pain meds for a week and if it persists we will have to sedate her and/or put her under general anesthesia so that the vet can get an X-ray. The dogs who are ambivalent to the world have garnered a new respect from me.

This summer will be looked upon as the summer of reading. There was a conversation at knit night about a goal of reading a book a month. I've definitely hit that this year and am much happier for doing so. There are about three others that I'm partially through.

My star system-

1 star: I don't give one star. I put the book down if it's that bad. Life is too short to read boring books

2 stars: I finished it but it was a struggle.

3 stars: I finished it and might recommend it if the topic interests you to begin with.

4 stars: Time with this book was well-spent.

5 stars: Hurry! Quick! Go read this book and then we can talk about it!





Must. Read. All. The. Books.


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Sunshine said...

Now I understand what you are saying when I see your updates on Goodreads!!