Thursday, August 11, 2016


In the category of self-care I have engaged in Zumba or YouTube Zumba-like activities for four days in a row. The classes are Monday and Thursday for an hour plus. I make it through about 15 minutes of the more challenging YouTube version. Today's big accomplishment was that I was able to bring my foot up to the back of my leg for a stretch.

In other self-care news I will celebrate the last weekday of summer vacation getting a mammogram. The fun goes straight to the last minute.

In the care of others category, aunt has been ping-ponging between hospital and rehab. Complications and med adjustments will hopefully bring her some stability.

Cousin and I have our weekly shopping adventure planned with an added trip to the local mini department store, Peebles and the store where everything is a dollar, the Dollar Store.

Greathusbandbob was successful in his power point adventure and I explored the Garage Band app to create some background ambience for his slide show.

I'm really struggling about the puppy. The idea of four weeks of caged rehab breaks my heart and almost feels like torture. The fact that she may face the same thing with the other knee is unbearable. Our vet consult is Tuesday. More will be revealed.

For now if I have to decide between boring blogging and more frequent blogging, I'm going with quantity. Maybe every now and then I'll have more on my mind than daily life.

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