Friday, August 19, 2016

Names changed to protect the innocent

So I'm thinking I need to change the name of this blog to beckyreportsoneveryoneshealthandwellbeingtoo. I'm working on the twinsie monkeybabyhat but it's slow going.

Aunt has regained use of her hands. She believes she's been held prisoner. When I tell her what really happened she says "they said you'd say that." I don't press her for details though really she almost had me convinced. I tell her I believe what she says except I put in a little doubt when I ask her if she thinks I would let that happen. She's out of hospital and back at rehab. If she continues to make the same progress she's made in the last 24 hours, she may come back around.

Greathusbandbob is down for the count with a back spasm so there's that.

I had a nice conversation with the new principal letting her know that I was glad to be relinquishing duties and was grateful for her presence. That I would be on her side. Because sometimes people in new places just need to know that.

And what I forgot to mention about juvieschool today is that when I got done, all the interns and teachers who were observing students (there were five "just in case they gave me trouble" extra adults in the room- they clearly did not understand what I had to deal with last year!) gave me a round of applause. So that was awesome.

Tomorrow is cousin lunch and shopping outing. We are headed for the Mexican restaurant which I mention because I love it when we go to a place that serves alcohol. Especially after a week such as this. Tomorrow I'm going to have a tequila. Actually, a double. With extra tequila on the side. And when I come home I will sleep the sleep of the dead.


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