Thursday, August 25, 2016

le sigh

This is the mama's eye view of the recovering puppy. And together on the floor we stay.


The vet gave her a sedative to keep her calmer on the way home. In addition to the knee surgery she had a large fatty mass removed from her chest. He also said the best thing to do is have her walk with the leash rather than a sling or a towel. She remains disinclined to do so at all. And then there will be the cone of shame. And this-


In other news, Aunt will likely be losing some independence as the recent trauma has done serious damage to her short term memory. I kind of saw that going before the recent illnesses.

I know that I can only do the next right thing and thinking further ahead is useless but I must say- I'm feeling mightily overwhelmed.

In good news, the pink monkey baby hat is finished and after blocking, both will be delivered.

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kmkat said...

just for a second, I thought of Aunt in that dog crate. Sorry. But it was just for a second.