Sunday, July 03, 2016

The Internet

Has changed my relationship with books.

Even knitting books. And cookbooks. And books that I love.

This morning was spent culling books. Again. About 4 years ago I started this process and have essentially gone from needing four book cases to needing only one.

I held on to the Elizabeth Zimmerman and Charlene Schurch books. Those are favorites. I kept three classic designing knitwear books because maybe someday. I also kept the toe up socks on two needles because again, maybe someday. Every other interweave collection and lace collection is in the to go pile. I'm going to take them to knit night a few at a time and dispense of them that way. (Vanfox, if you're reading this and want the motherlload, send me a secret message- I can find you at the CB track upon my return.) Also I did not follow the rule of gathering all books from all places. My foot hurt.

I knit patterns from Ravelry. I mark them from my app Goodreader. That is how I like to do things. I haven't knit from a paper pattern in years.


Knitting and changed my life books

There are three cookbooks that have recipes that I've actually made. The rest are going going gone.

I haven't completely done away with the "changed my life after reading them" books, but the collection is smaller and all the ones available on kindle are marked on the wish list at Amazon so I don't forget about them. We'll see how I feel about that in a year. (Vonnegut is so hard to let go of.)

There are two books that are as yet unavailable on Kindle. Gabrièl Garcia Marquez's One Hundred Years of Solitude and Isabel Allende's Eva Luna. I'm taking both on vacation because I might not want to take my tablet here where I will be lounging- Northwest US, here we come! I need to remember to ask a family member to take this exact photo with me in one of the chairs!


I am sparing the stash from the recent "bring me joy binge." Dammit, yarn brings me joy. But some reorganizing has brought some projects to the front that I may go back to now that I can see the patterns. (Thank you progressive lenses and I'm talking to you Hitofude!)


There is still a "room that shall not be named" in the basement. Every year when school is out I put things in th car and move them to this room. I need to wait until it's closer to garbage day before I tackle that space.

Once again, if you've made it this far in this self absorbed blog post, you are rewarded with another Great Pyr puppy pic.



Thanks for sticking around and bearing witness.


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