Monday, July 25, 2016

What do you really want to do?

This summer I have finished 10 books. That wasn't on my list of goals but it's what I enjoy doing.

I also did some major de-cluttering. While cleaning was on the list, 23 bags of garbage was not.

Things on the list that I prepared before school was out that I have not done-

Spin Poi

Learn calligraphy

Make a fruit pizza

Play the ukulele and the guitar

Read Love in the time of cholera

Get Rosetta Stone and learn Spanish

Get stickers of myself giving a thumbs up to give to kids

Go to the zoo

Eat a giant ice cream at Sarris' candy

Creatively plant chicks and hens

Complete an ItunesU or Coursera class

Make waffles with banana pudding and strawberries

Update ios on all devices

I did make a visit to the courthouse and go to Zumba.

So, what's my dealio I wonder. Do I channel Chris Farley's man living in a van down by the river in May with "another one of those things I'm never going to do." Maybe I just need the list so that the thought of transitioning from school to summer isn't so overwhelming. Maybe I just like the idea of doing those things rather than actually doing them.

There are three weeks left. Plenty of time to do/try something new. I wonder if I will.


I also did not include laying in the air conditioned room with the dog under the blanket but I've done plenty of that!



kmkat said...

Write down your list. Break it into smaller lists. Do one list every day or two. Put things you have already accomplished on the lists so that you can cross them off right away. (It may be cheating but I always do it. Makes me feel good.)

vanfox2371 said...

Many of my to-do's have been put on the back burner, as well as my knitting, because of school. Well as of tonight, July 26, at 11:59pm, that is OVER!!! :-)