Friday, July 15, 2016


Fish and house guests-three days.

Ben Franklin (edited for brevity)

There was a child at school last year that I didn't write about because that's not right. Behaviors included: demanding to be the center of attention, always. Antagonizing other kids (physically and verbally) for results. Repeating loud statements for the sake of hearing his own voice. Relentless requests for every whim that popped into his head. Also the sweetest kid in the room except for the unending annoyances. He was five.

Yesterday he reappeared. Except he is 14 and with me on vacation. I was tolerating it all with a "that's just -----, he's always like that." Until I made the connection and went immediately into RBF (resting bitch face). And now it seems to have stuck.

We're at fourteen in number and it would seem that my comfort level is with a solid ten. I am hibernating now to avoid the RBF reveal and to avoid a panic attack. Later in the day we are renting a boat that seats fourteen. I have to go. I may medicate.

Husbandbob took me out for a trip to the casino last night and a trip to the yarn store this morning.




If 409 yards of cashmere can't cure RBF then I'm pretty sure nothing will.



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