Monday, July 11, 2016

Lake Chelan Day 4

No pictures, not much to recount.

Kids lived at the pool all day.  Parents made enchiladas for dinner. I knitted, read and slept and did the final kitchen clean up.

The ages are 4-11-11-12-12-14 and 16.  The 16 is a trapeze artist.  The 14 is the only boy. One 12 is the daughter of the son's girlfriend.  The other is the son's.  One 11 has had brain surgery.  The other looks like Jodie Foster and has never met a stranger.  The 4 knows that with all of these "bigs" around, a crying tantrum can get you anything.

There's been one round of poker.  I think it's harder for grandfather to connect as the gkids get older.  Yesterday he asked what a meme is and didn't find Snoop Dogg narrating nature shows nearly as hilarious as the younger ones did.

I'm still icing the ankle and while it's not swollen, there is a good bit of pain.  Bruised bone?  Stretched tendon?  Probably it will need attention when I get home.  The weather and little burg here are perfect for getting daily steps but it is what it is.

I am imagining the novelty of the pool will wear off some time tomorrow and there will be more poker and an exploration into the surroundings. And hopefully a picture or two.

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vanfox2371 said...

Sounds like you are having a good vacation!