Sunday, July 17, 2016


Nothing going on here. Unless of course you are looking for a photo analysis and the way I make annoying things funny sometimes.

What you see- two thumbs wrestling

What you don't see- they're in a restaurant, they're nearly horizontal (is that laying or lying?) on the bench, and they are covered with black spots made by sharpie markers because apparently when you do that and then place your phone camera directly on top of said mark, and snap a photo, you get the effect of one of those electric dog collars set on about 4.

What you see- empty plastic travel cup once containing Pepsi.

What you don't see- the other three large glasses ordered and consumed-leading to a frenzy of near epic proportions in which, in other circumstances, I would call for assistance. There was intervention after the first two hours but by then there was no relaxing for anyone.

What you see- that peach colored blob to the left of the fork is silly putty. Perhaps it was a keep the kids busy item from the restaurant.

What you didn't see- is that the silly putty was throughout the house throughout the week. Most notably stuck on the bathroom wall. It could also be spotted being tossed against the wall over tourist's heads across a busy sidewalk. If it came from a restaurant, it was long past its expiration date.

What you see-

An innocuous rest room at the site of a 9/11 memorial.
What you don't see-

Look a little closer...

Are the two missing from the group photo because they were on the roof of the innocuous restroom.
As parents might say "kids these days..."
As I say "WHAT THE WHAT????"

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kmkat said...

Nice photo editing :-)