Friday, July 22, 2016

Of course

In the category of you never get more than you can handle...

Today was spent in the ER with Aunt.  Low oxygen-labored breathing.  Tests to follow.

Around 5:00 pm after being there for eight hours I suggested to the attending aides and nurse that part of her grumbliness might be due to the fact that she had not eaten for 24 hours.  Their response-"we all get angry sometimes." She had already singed some bridges before it got to that point.  I made sure to tell them it was for their benefit that I shared this information.

Before returning tomorrow I'll stop at Medexpress and have the 5th metatarsal x-rayed. It occurred to me to ask them to do it while I was waiting with her but didn't want to complicate things.

Dear husband took me to out to dinner in spite of the fact that he had two options that he had planned on cooking instead.  I just needed to be "away."

And at 1:09 am, I am still clearly operating on west coast time.

Le sigh.

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kmkat said...

I cannot believe the staff was so ignorant about hunger and grumpiness. (Not that I doubt your anecdote, just that HOW CAN THEY BE SO LAZY & UNFEELING?)