Friday, July 01, 2016

And in the category of no good deed goes unpunished...

We have a winner.

The good news is that for a day and a half I've been able to select what I want to wear as opposed to what's available to wear. The grand total of (kitchen sized) trash bags was 16.

The bad news is that as I was taking said bags out to the car, I rolled on the side of my foot and fell down two steps. More good news is that there were bags of clothes to break my fall. Other bad news is that I'm living in the world of "is it sprained/bruised or should I get it x-rayed?" KT tape for the compromise.


I started on room two and turned a large plastic bin full of cd's and their cases into a shoebox full of CDs but have decided to postpone any further efforts and let my appendage heal.

Now splitting reading time between Assasination Vacation and a book titled White Trash (a discussion of the history of class in these United States.). Also the update for Netflix on the tablet allows for a minimized picture in picture on screen while doing something else. I'm halfway through season one of Scrubs.


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kmkat said...

I have that White Trash book on request at the library. Recommended to me by an acquaintance from South Africa; she found it a good source of American cultural history.

So sorry about the hoof!