Friday, July 22, 2016

An update on the topsy turvy

So after a visit to Medexpress, a short emotional meltdown tended to by the kind nurses there, and some resting time to lower my blood pressure from 168/110 my foot was x-rayed and not broken. I got some muscle relaxers and a great excuse to take it easy.

I spoke to Aunt this morning. They are still testing. People her age, and conditions such as this suggest another night of observation and evaluation so I'm going to let the phone take care of my taking care of her.

This morning husband bob fielded a call from the cousin. She fell and pulled a muscle in the back of her leg. Wants to go to have it looked at. I mentioned it while I was being checked they said there wasn't much they could do for her. We are sending over ibuprofen, a cane and dinner in an effort to avoid yet another visit to a medical establishment.

So after some muscle relaxer, some crying and some TLC I'm feeling ok again. The only looming worry was the job situation for next year.

It's like this. There is a school that serves mostly the children of university professionals. The building is seventy five years old and smells like that wax they used to use on wood floors back in the day. There is no place or space for teachers such as myself. I once got yelled at for parking my car. They are building a new bulding but have another nine months to completion. Normal people love this school. Smart kids-neighborhood school feeling. I hate it because it wreaks of entitlement, white privilege and disregard for what the arts can offer given the right atmosphere. (Wow- I've never really articulated the "whys" of my loathing for that place- seeing it in writing makes me feel less guilty.)

One summer I came home from vacation to find I was assigned there again after a ten year respite. I was sure that was what the most recent phone call was about. Instead, I came home to a letter from the assistant Superintndent that said I was assigned to Juvie Elementary school on Friday mornings! I love the teachers there, I love the kids there and honestly it won't be much different than some of the things I faced this year only help will already be in the room.

So maybe in a day or two it will finally feel like vacation with healthy relatives, a clean house and knowledge of stability in my job.

Thanks for bearing witness.

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vanfox2371 said...

Glad to hear things worked out. I was worried for you. Also, I agree with your entitlement statement.