Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Deep in the heart of summer.

Yesterday was a walking day. The first one in a while where I made 10,000+ steps. I shared my success with my Zumba guru, noting that the hour and a half worth of steps were much easier than an hour of Zumba. She showed me why. That woman (who I've known for years but who only recently began helping me have a better life) may have earned a pair of knitted socks. Just sayin.


Then to knit night where my color choice was approved and my reading list expanded. Now a page or ten into Sarah Vowell's Assassination Vacation. Drknitnightjustine is the recommender of books and the summer of remedial high school continues. Also Erik Larson books are what led me to this journey. Imagine the coincidences of history as interesting. It's new to me

This afternoon I spent some more time with Marie Kondo (The Japanese Art of Tidying Up) in my head. Knit nighter's scoffed and laughed at the idea of socks feeling better when folded rather than balled together but while they are wise, they don't know everything.

The following photos may not look like much to those uninitiated in my ways of clothes storage. You should know, however, that all of the clothes you see in the closet and drawers were just three days ago living on top of the dresser in baskets and the closet and drawers were full of joyless waste.

I've decided that photos of folded clothes look better with the instant filter.


Clothes that I actually wear in the closet





And because you've just had to inadvertently look at a drawer of my drawers, some Great Pyr puppies. No instant filter required.



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