Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Temptations Abound

I survived the donuts only to come home and find this in the refrigerator.

It is an 8"Single Layer Split Fresh Strawberry Boston Creme

Mr. Sophanne justified the purchase by stating "It was a dollar off." Oy. I revealed the donuts here and managed to refrain. Perhaps by posting this one I will be able to do the same.

Update on the ugly pants post- re: the elephant pants- I was standing by a dinosaur statue at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History

Update on the kid who was smacked in the head with a mallet- upon further interrogation today, it was discovered that her friend smacked her in the jaw with the mallet but she didn't want to get her in trouble. We had the "if it was an accident and it just happened, or if it was on purpose, just tell the damn truth." I didn't say "damn."

Update on the picture above- as I typed, Mr. Sophanne just asked if I wanted a piece, I said no and he brought one to me AT THE DAMN COMPUTER (not hearing me say no thank you or just choosing to ignore it.) And when I say "a piece" I mean 1/4 of the thing because that's how he slices. I did not take it. I think I'm going to cry. The only thing I can think of to make me feel better is that I am saving all treats for the week for next Tuesday at what I'm going to call the "Ice Cream Buffet." I know it's frozen yogurt but I like the way ice cream sounds better.

Update on the caterpillar-licking kid- he lasted all of five minutes in today's class. I told him he had 2 chances then he would be sent out (he's a student who actually has an "out" where I can send him) Other students replaced them in their apparent deafness to instructions and inability to concentrate but there was no wildlife involved which I consider a "win."

As tomorrow is Thursday, I feel that I can think about the weekend. It's Waynesburg Sheep and Fiber Festival Weekend on Saturday and Sunday. I'm looking forward to possibly running into some friends and picking up a little sock yarn. I really have been doing a good job of knitting from the stash and would like to use restraint in yarn purchases as well but I'm actually a little low on sock yarn and that will come in handy this summer. We'll see how I do with those temptations. There's a potter who vends yearly that I like to support. Soon all of my "you're the best teacher" mugs will be replaced by beautiful handcrafted pottery adorned with little sheepies.

o.k. who am I kidding- with caterpillars and mallet whapping, I don't think I have to worry about too many "you're the best teacher" mugs!

Upon reflection I may need to rewrite the description of this blog- The food I'm not eating, the yarn I'm not buying, the kids I'm not teaching, and the knitting I'm not doing.


Sunshine said...

But you are back to blogging! Yeah!!!!

Roxie said...

Are we going to have to sit Mr. Sophane down and have a "Serious Talk" with him? As in, "Darling, this is a health issue. You can eat what you want , but it is cruel for you to offer me sweets and treats. Please be kind to me an allow me to ignore it. If I want something, I'll ask for it. Otherwise, assume that I am resisting. I want to be healthy!"

Caterpillar licking? Do you have a "Special" class, or is this just normal little boy stuff? If this is what he does in the classroom, what does he do on his own time?

Happy cup and sock yarn hunting! May you have a marvelous weekend!

Anonymous said...

You are married to a bad man. Very bad.

You are a very strong woman to turn down such gooey yum yums. Good work!