Sunday, May 27, 2012

In unblocked news...

The top green ones are in some alpaca purchased on San Juan Island several summers ago.  The patter, not shown clearly due to lack of blocking is José Gralike's Long Tall Chunky Cabled Mittens.  I love this pattern- no mods, great thumb directions.

The green on the left is another pair of Susie Roger's Susie's Reading Mitts done in some Knitpiks Capra.

The blue pair on the right  was made using Ann Budd's Basic Mitten Pattern and some Berrocco Alpaca.

Lately, when in doubt about what to knit, I generally try to reduce the stash and make mittens.  I've been tossing them aside for future give-away.  If I have enough by December maybe the family will get mittens instead of hats!

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