Monday, May 21, 2012

Blueberry and some sweetness

Last week Mr. Sophanne and I had a conversation about what to plant in the garden.  We agreed on cucumbers, tomatoes (regular and cherry), green peppers and maybe some beans.  Those are garden things that we will eat.  As we tried to figure out what else to plant, he said "How about blueberries?"  I told him that blueberries grew on bushes.

Today I had to stop at the local greenhouse to pick up a hanging basket and Lo and Be Whole, what was there but 3 year old blueberry bushes.

It's in a big biggish pot and will need a big biggish hole so I told Mr. Sophanne it was a present for him so that he would be the planter of blueberries.  The greenhouse lady said that shavings of Irish Spring keep the deer away but I'm thinking we might consider planting it within the walls of the garden.  

The sweetness part is a school story, shared here as much so that I'll remember as it is to entertain blogreaders.

4 fifth grade girls were in my room at recess today, choosing my space over outdoor recess.  They "played around" on instruments for a while.  I left them alone, knowing that it's to easy to interfere with my adult mind in the happy play of kids.

At some point they began to "play" concert.  All four lined up.  The entered the instrument area together and sat behind their instruments.  One stood in front as the conductor with a makeshift baton.  Then they played one of the xylophone pieces that they knew in canon.   Each time they did it they would become a little more professional.  One was scolded (by her peers) for speaking too soon at the end of the piece.  It's not over yet, don't talk in the show.  I could hear them in the walking in area saying This time it's the real time, right?  This time it's the really real time.  They took their bows at the end and quietly exited the instrument area.

I was in the room the whole time, again it was all I could do not to try to "add to" or "make better" their play.  At the end of recess they said, "Mrs. Sophanne, tomorrow can we do our show for you after we practice a few times?"  Then they remembered that tomorrow was field trip day and expressed their disappointment.  I assured them that I'd been watching all along.

I felt like I had been a observing guest in the "Secret Garden" of girls who are 10.  It felt so magical.


Marie said...

Watch blueberries are addictive. I started with 3 plants 2 years ago. And now I have close to 3 dozen

kmkat said...

Just in case you didn't know, blueberries like acid soil. The fifth grade girls WERE sweet.

Marie said...

My blueberry bushes are loaded with berries this year. It's a good thing since the price of berries is high in the stores.

Roxie said...

How wonderful that you were able to be a fly on the wall for their concert practice!