Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Field Day or Sitting Day depending on who you are

So today was a field day picnic day at my school.  It was great.  I was in charge of calling for parent volunteers.  I hate the telephone.  (Oddly enough I was a telephone operator for a few summers.)  When I was getting ready to place the calls for request for help, I sort of felt like a really bad telemarketer.

Hi, this is sophanne from school, no there's no problem with your kid, I was wondering if you'd like to spend one of your last "kid-free" days running a station for our field day.  It will be hot outside and there will be many loud and over-stimulated kids there, what say?

After the first few calls, I realized that most parents like their kids, like seeing them have fun, and are more than happy to be called to help.  Some came that I hadn't even called because it's just what parents sometimes do.  I was overwhelmed and humbled by their willingness to be helpful.  It was great.  Go Awesome Parents!  You Rock!

And then... please tell me what kind of physed teacher comes to a field day, sets up his lawn chair and sits on his arse in the shade all day.  Because if you tell me (in words I can use), I'll tell him.  I may have to back off on the bantering with Chicken Bob because I am certain that that sort of bantering is unhealthy when you really mean it.

After getting everything set up in the morning, my duty was "face painting concierge"- making sure that everyone who wanted to got painted and didn't spend the day waiting in line.  What fun it was to watch the joy at the transformations!


Lydee said...

face painting is such a great idea! cannot believe the phys ed teacher sitting all day. ours worked her tail off.

Roxie said...

What a great day! And how wonderful to have a concierge!

If I were a good person I might say that the physEd teacher could have been coming down with something or may have had a family crisis the night before and we shouldn't judge until we know the whole story. But I'm not a good person and I think he was a rotten role-model.

Anonymous said...

Sounds weird to me. At every school I've been at the field day was sort of like the PE version of a music program.