Friday, May 18, 2012

Take me to the River.

because who doesn't love a good dog picture?

Speaking of rivers- o.k. this next thing has nothing to do with rivers except if I do a bad job, I could get sent up the river. You may remember a few years ago I shared the "head teacher crown" with a colleague. It didn't work out so well. The colleague was great but the principal (the person the head teacher replaces when s/he is absent) at the time suffered from chronic absenteeism. It made for high anxiety. I eventually resigned mid-year because I resented being taken advantage of. Upon receiving notification of and accepting my resignation, I received a note from the powers that be stating in no uncertain terms that I would no longer be eligible to serve as head teacher and receive the whopping $1000/year the job awards.

Fast forward to easy-going, likeable, former physed teacher principal who is at school more often than not. We had some principal school classes together. He knows my secret. I was once a mere portfolio, 3 credit hours and a standardized test away from being certified as a principal. I ended that project prematurely so that I could learn how to be married and because I came to my ever-loving senses.

As the current head teacher has retired, he has recommended me to once again serve as head teacher next year. Much to my dismay, the powers that be haven't remembered their former declaration. I grudgingly agreed to take the position. Things I've got going for me-the secretary and counselor said they'd be on my side and back me up and help me out when I had brain freeze- which I often do. There were several situations that I watched unfold this year where I sat and wondered "how the hell do you work THIS out." Also, this principal comes to school on a regular basis.

Today the counselor said to me "you always appear so calm and collected, even on days when I know you're stressed." It made me think. The odds of making the right decision and finding the perfect solution in unpredictable moments are about 50/50. But even a wrong decision goes down better with a calm and collected personality. If I do the best I can, keep my wits about me, and take little personally, the worst they can do is "fire" me as head teacher and then hire me back again.

p.s. happy 1000th post to me


kmkat said...

Excellent philosophy. Really, we are all just making this up as we go along so if we act like we know what we are doing, who is to know otherwise? Best of luck to you :-)

Becky said...

Now that's a happy dog!

You can totally do this, because you're awesome, and smart, and lovely.

Roxie said...

If you can't dazzle them with your brilliance, then baffle them with bullshit!

Really, don't get too exercised about it all. Anything big will need to go through channels anyway. The rest of it is trivia, and triage. You'll do fine!

Take your knitting to all the meetings.

Sunshine said...

They must believe you can do it!!!