Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Save the rocks

Today some kids are going on a field trip to the Meadowcroft Rockshelter.  I visited the site and found that it's a historical field trip with many valuable attractions.  That did not stop me from imagining it as a sort of "wildlife sanctuary for wounded rocks," as in-

My rock has been hit by a bb gun, can you save it so it will fly again?


Each rock has its own living quarters with a comfortable cot and daily massages.


See that pile of rocks over there?  Those are the ones that didn't make it.


Sunshine said...

Maybe they will take the rocks you got out of your garden last year. They are probably homeless right now.

Roxie said...

The rock shelter is a safe place for abused and abandoned pet rocks. They can stay there until they're adopted into a safe and loving home.

I love this sort of silliness.


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kmkat said...

We accept all rocks here and make every attempt to place the adoptable ones in happy homes. Those no-kill rock piles do not accept all rocks, only the ones that they KNOW they can place. Please support your local rock shelter :-)

(paraphrased from our local humane society director's response to questions regarding no-kill shelters)

kmkat said...

Forgot to say, I love your sense of humor!