Sunday, May 13, 2012

Janet's Ugly Pants

Janet at Dog Day Ramblings has been converting old slides into pictures and sharing them with us. I'm always delighted to see what will be next, the clothes they're wearing, the toys they're playing with, the furniture and decor in the house.

This week she posted herself in a pair of ugly pants and invited us to do the same.

I don't think you can beat giant red chess pieces on a pink background but I'm always one to play a good game. Both pictures are circa 1970.

The first is a pair of pink, yellow, and purple plaid "elephant pants" which were all the rage then. I loved those pants. Given how high up from the ground they fit, I'm guessing I would have been better suited in a pair of giraffe pants!

I have no memories of the second pair but I am wearing them in several other photos so they were either the only pants I had or maybe I looked particularly photogenic in them. I do remember the blue velour shirt, the Bozo gumball machine and the little niche in the wall to hold special secret things like jewelry boxes with spinning ballerinas. Occasional commenter and my mother Sunshine might be able to shed more light on the nature of these pants.

Got any pictures of funny pants? I'm asking for Janet... heh.


Janet said...

Oh Sophanne - thank you for the best laugh I've had today. While your elephant pants are definitely in the running for my 'ugliest pants contest', I must say that my chess piece pants are likely to remain in first place - any contenders will be competing for second best (or second worse). I do have a question - are you wearing your elephant pants while standing next to an actual elephant??

Roxie said...

I had a pair of plaid pants like yours my senior year in college which would have been 1972, and I loved them dearly!! They are NOT ugly!

I grew three inches in three months when I turned 13. All my pants looked ugly then. I still don't care for the look of cropped or high-water pants.

Sunshine said...

No great insights on the pants...but I know that you wore them all the time. And NO, those were not your only pair!!!