Thursday, March 01, 2012

Win for the House of Sophanne!

Hey Beauracracy! Bring it on! (knocking on wood)

Let me share the evidence-

County taxes paid- check
Notarized drivers license replacement form at the bank- check
Replacement license from the DMV- check
Registered and received lab work at the hospital- check
Picked up prescriptions- check
Received car license renewal in the mail- check

Mr. Sophanne did the first one- the last four were accomplished WITHIN THE TIME FRAME OF ONE HOUR AND FIFTEEN MINUTES..... wait for it.... AFTER SCHOOL!!!!!

Ladies and gentlemen, it's a new world record.


Roxie said...


redsilvia said...

You are a wonder! The only upside to working a 24/7 job is that I can do errands when everyone else is at work. DMV I'm looking at you...

Becky said...

Wooo! That's amazing, I don't think I could DRIVE to all those paces in an hour!

Jason2011 said...

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Linda Sue said...

Well done, YOU! Love previous post- "figure it out", Thanks for breaking it down because it would have been unfigureable! Love the bowl and the bear- xxxooo