Sunday, March 25, 2012

At last

Something to crack me up. This is Joe. He's friends with Mr. Sophanne. He is a retired shop teacher. He's posing with our lawnmower. Tomorrow he is substitute teaching at a local high school. If the teacher hasn't left any good lesson plans, Joe is going to use our lawn mower as his lesson plan. That cracks me up!

This guy, like the guy he's being made for, isn't quite done yet. If you read my blog and your name is Annie, and you're pregnant, and you have hippopotomi on your crib, then you know that this guy, upon completion is for you! Happy Baby Coming Annie!

For the rest of you- it's from the itty bitty knits book and so far hasn't been too fiddly. You probably recognize the Regia sock yarn- it's doubled on size 5's. Much more user friendly than any other critter I've made.

Knowing my own limitations, this guy is going to knit night where I hope the IncredibleGina- who excels at all things and has a penchant for making sure they look right- will help with eyes, nostrils and mouth. Hopefully I'll get a final product pic- in the meantime, Annie, send me your mailing address!


Becky said...

I'm really excited to see how that hippo turns out, it's adorable already even though it's blind, mute, and noseless.

Roxie said...

What a darling stuffie! Hippo hooray!

I love the idea of using your lawnmower for a shop class. Is it particularly well maintained or something?

Hope you have a good week!

Annie said...

Becky I love it-He is fantastic! Thank you so much! You are awesome :) I'll FB you our address!!