Friday, March 30, 2012


Neither picture captures his floppy adorableness but here he is nonetheless. Annie asked me if he had a name and said that if I were so inclined, I could name him before sending him. What better name for a protector of new baby than that of a beloved uncle. Now there is Milton the Hippo to keep watch over Glen and Annie's little fella when he arrives.

All personality was created by the amazing Gina. I watched her bring him to life as she added the eyes, nose, and mouth. I also might have figured out how she does it. She loved him so, that I am knitting one for her in the colorful (not blue and black) regia sock yarn. I might even try rearranging her face myself.

In other news, I'm on spring break next week so there's that to look forward to. I hope to spend some of the time reading. The book Imagine: How Creativity Works by Jonah Lehrer kept popping up in several of the blogs that I read. I finally took the hint from the universe and began reading it. After about a third of it, I saw nearly everything I've ever intuited about creativity backed by scientific research. What resonates with me the most is the discussion that revolves around the right brain needing time to "stew" to put the big picture together. As Einstein is cited in the book- "Creativity is the residue of time wasted."

Also on the list of things to do is play the guitar. Or pretend to play the guitar. I'm really not very good and my fingers are about 3/4 of an inch shorter than most normal-sized human beings. (even the little ones-human beings-not fingers) The guitar is as counterintuitive to me as anything I've ever tried. Hence the attraction. It's always been there, taunting me.

It just happens that this semester's student teacher has a much better grasp on it than me and unlike the many others I've met who also have that, he doesn't fancy himself a Rock God who has to show off everything he can do better and faster. Instead it's been a "you don't have to feel stupid" exchange of information. This kid got me to pick up a guitar and made me believe I could play it. You better believe that he's going to get an excellent evaluation!

I think I will also try to blog daily, as I don't care for the stilted feeling in my fingers and my brain while I've been composing this post. I'm better at this than this. So these thoughts I will go marinate and we'll see what my frontal lobe puts together.


Roxie said...

I find the manual creativity flows fastest when my rational brain is being occupied with something else. So, if I'm puzzling out a knitting problem or designing a new quilt top, I listen to recorded books.

I call those "sitting and strewing" periods my "Gestation time." Gazing blankly out the window while the mindless knitting flows away from my fingers is very much NOT "doing nothing."

Have a splendid spring break!

Roxie said...

Milton is ADORABLE! A most huggable hippo. You're an aunt in a million! Or are you a grandma? Whatever, you are a rare delight and that baby is lucky to have you in the family. Blessings on the little bundle of joy!

Becky said...

I love him!!! He's perfect!

I also go through phases where I pretend to play the guitar. I'm glad I'm not alone.