Sunday, March 18, 2012

Oh the business of living

Sometimes nothing happens. Which makes for good living and for the less creative bloggers- bad blogging. That's where we are. Time for some bullet points.

Tomorrow Mr. Sophanne and I will be married 8 years. Suggestions for anniversary gifts are bronze, salt, linens, and lace. I think we'll maybe just go out to dinner- not wearing the matching Carhart jeans we were wed in because we've both outgrown them. Ah... marital bliss.

On Tuesday I will, in a not so pleasant way, have the opportunity to help make things right with the world. I can't say much more but if you happen to think of me on Tuesday at around 1:30, be sure to send me some powerful fierce large black matriarch vibes, as that is what I'm using to visualize the experience. A few vibes for a good friend would also be appreciated.

Lately I haven't been able to knit my way out of a paper bag. I just haven't been feeling it. These Long Tall Chunky Cabled Mitts have been my go to pattern because I've got it memorized, you can finish a pair in 3 nights and surely someone will need some cabled mitts someday.

I have something going on in my heels (a spur? a pre-spur? a "hey you weigh more than we can carry") that makes walking painful. Given that walking is essential, I've been a little cranky. I've tried the home remedies- (ice and wrapping) to no avail and in 2 weeks will go see a podiatrist. THere is great irony in this for me. When I was young (21ish) I was asked out by a podiatrist. We went on a date. I thought the chosen profession of podiatry was hysterical. Now, not so much.

We are going to Switzerland this summer. Mr. Sophanne's son and family have been living there for the past 2 years and will be there for another year. We will be staying in a Swiss chalet with a porch that looks out onto the Matterhorn. I imagine as the adventure comes closer, I will be thinking about more than just the 8 hour flight on an airplane. For now that's really all I can imagine and it just doesn't sound as exciting as it should to me.

The herb bed has been cleared, moldy mulch has been removed and given that it's too early to plant anything (which is a good thing) there is time to ponder the possibilities. My inclinations this week are to keep the ones that come back, get basil plants for summer snacks, and do the rest in various types of lavender. I love lavender. Is there anything that you love more than basil and lavender? Maybe I should know about it.


LisaBe said...

cool!! we went to zermatt last spring. SO BEAUTIFUL. switzerland is fantastic! the flight does suck, but you will have a great time.

Roxie said...

When we flew to Australia, my husband went to his doctor and got sleeping pills. If the fasten seatbelt sign isn't on, and you choose not to sleep, you can get up and walk back and forth every hour or so. Lots of people do. And of course there will be movies and in-flight music on the headsets

That heel needs to be tended to. You might just need orthotic supports to keep you from walking on the side of your feet. Or cushier cushions or something.

You are going to have a marvelous time in Switzerland! I am so excited for you!

Annie said...

Glen will be so jealous! Our flight to Germany was about 8 hours and it was okay. It depends on the time of day- it was easier to sleep and relax on the way there because it was nighttime, but the way home I was up the whole time.
Luckily you should have your own personal TV with an array of movies and TV shows to watch!!