Sunday, March 11, 2012

video editing and cute puppies.

Is a time suck like nobody's business. Especially when you're skills are at a kindergarten level.

Mr. Sophanne has a big video idea and plan for his railroad. He even got a few days of release/company business time to go forth and videotape. He wanted a promo to show the bosses what he had in mind. He volunteered my pathetic skills for the editing. It took a lot of knitting time.

Also on the agenda for the weekend was assisting Aunt of Sophanne with her new iPad2.Here's what I can say about that. When you look at technology through the eyes of someone who skipped from a basic PC to an iPad2, it can feel quite overwhelming.

She's hooked up with Netflix, Safari, email, and the apple text app. She'll be exploring the rest of everything through the week but is connected enough that I will be able to help over the phone.

When I left we had just done a YouTube search of "cute puppies." She will soon know how the "new" internet doth suck one in!


Roxie said...

Has she found LOL Cats and HotDoggies?

Good luck with the editing. You are way beyond kindergarten, baby. You're even smarter than a 5th grader!

Becky said...

I had the same problem teaching my dad how to use his Kindle. I got a lot of "why is it like that?" questions - the only answer I had was "because it is!"
Also, the touch screen is not like a large button, tapping harder and longer will not help, at all.