Friday, March 23, 2012

A snow day... sort of.

Whilst pondering the blog, I realized that one reason posts are so slim this year is because of the mild winter. No snow adventures, no snow days. This could have easily been predicted given that I now have a car that will presumably get me fearlessly where I need to go in the snow.

The politics of school district calendar scheduling and snow days work like this. If teachers get snow days and make them up at the end of the year, the community protests because there is no official "end date" to the school year and because for whatever bizarre psychological reason, those days don't really count and they somehow see the snow days as "free days" for us. (trust me when I say that those days are actually LONGER than any others.)

However, if the school district schedules make-up days- days off within the calendar year pre-scheduled that might become school days (given enough snow days), no one seems to mind that we are getting a day off. In both instances we are working the days we are paid for. There are no real "freebies," but the second option seems to be the more palatable of the two.

So that's why I'm calling today a snow day. Happily the sun is shining and it's quite spring-like.

There are parts of life that have been a little whacked lately. I'm good. Mr. Sophanne is good. Liza is good. There has just been some unexpected whack.

Given that this blog and your blogs have always been a source of entertainment, support, and friendship, I decided that to fight the whack I'd make a little video. I also wanted to share my crazy improving ukulele skills and show you (via the background) that my home is not the perfect clutter free environment I'm sure you've always imagined it to be.

A few technical adjustments were made. I had to wear some long sleeves (my favorite Obama inauguration fleece) lest you be blinded by the sight of me wearing a tank top. I used my mac to record but put it up a little higher than the desktop. Chins are more numerous than they appear in the video.

My apologies in advance to Lyle Lovett- I'm just singing the chorus but I'll remove it immediately if I get a cease and desist order. And so without further procrastination (sometimes when I teach and I'm not sure how things are going to turn out I get like this- delaying the inevitable...)

Hate only harms those that wield it. Thanks for being my blog friends.


Sunshine said...

That was great!!!!! So what is the whack part of your life?

LisaBe said...

I LOVE LYLE!!!!!! i know who i'm asking to go with me next time he comes to town.

Becky said...

Yay ukulele! That was fantastic!

Cindy said...

You have a great alto voice,grrl! I love the ukulele, too! Have you heard the guy who plays jazz ukulele? He is amazing. Screw the whack. We DO love you!!!!! Oh, and teaching? You are only truly valued by the ones who need and care the most......the kids, your family and your friends. Teaching is so hard.

Roxie said...

The chuckle at the end is my favorite part! Excellent choice of material and lovely, casual presentation! Rock on SophAnne!