Friday, September 16, 2016

What is..

A.  Making me crazy?

A healthcare facility that seems incapable of scheduling a doctor's appointment after three weeks.  The aunt needs a hip.  They did not tell her about the last appointment because she was in between facilities.  I have been speaking to head nurses at this new facility for the last two weeks in an effort to get them to get aunt to a doctor that she may get her hip replaced.  This is ridiculous.

An attorney's office plenty quick to cash a check but not so quick to deposit payment.  You said you could wire money. What's the hold up?  Suddenly you need ME to Google the address and phone number of the bank?

B. Making me laugh?

This is the week that we sing about dogs in second grade.  We insert students' pet names into the song and make up verses about them.

One student has a dog named "Meathead"  which led to "Here, meat head you good dog, you"  And then the next day I asked her if his nickname was burgerbrains or steakskull because that's how I roll.

Another student without a pet (they were given the option of singing about a pet they would want if they were allowed to have one) sang about her invisible shark Sprinkles- who happened to be in the room with us.  "Here Sprinkles, you good shark, you."

C. Making me happy?

Greathusbandbob is making eggplant parmesan for dinner tonight.
I'm getting a steal of a deal on an electric keyboard from KnitnightMarcandBarry- just have to finish the logistics of disassembly and relocation.
I get to go to the DMV to have my driver's license photo taken on Saturday.  -ok that's not really making me happy but the dmv is always good for a blog post so there's that.

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