Sunday, September 04, 2016

We just want to play!

Puppers Update.

Stitches (and therefore cone of shame) are removed on Wednesday. In spite of bonking into every. Single. Thing. The girls still wants to play and keeps bringing toys to us.


Greathusbandbob and I haven't really spent much time together in the last few weeks. Dog care, aunt care, the start of school, after school conferences and Zumba have been eating into our "hey, how you doin'?" time.

Most of the change has been because I've been committed to various unavoidable duties. We finally got to spend some time together yesterday. On the way to the casino he said he realized that one of the things that may be making him not feel good in the past few weeks is that he misses me at home. He just wants to play. He asked if I could take FMLA to be with him. He could arrange it. I said that absolutely would not work because if I quit working for six weeks I most definitely will not want to go back!

And in a story that is opposite of he and I, this was the conversation overheard next to me at the casino.

Wife: (approaches man at slot machine) $400?!?! You should cash out.

Husband: I will when it goes down to $300. I just like playing.

W : you should just cash out. Why don't you cash out and then just put $20 in?

H: why are you nagging me? I just want to play.

W: I'm not nagging you. I just don't want to hear you complain about losing money on the way home.

For the record, she totally WAS nagging him

H: did you buy anything at the outlets?

W: yes, I figured if you were going to blow $100 here, I could spend money shopping. Why don't you cash out.

H: this machine is hard to get on to. I want to play a while. Are you always this annoying or is it a monthly thing?

Then she stood in front of and looking down at him for ten minutes and angrily said she would be sitting in a chair out front reading her book- as if this would somehow be punishment for him wanting to play longer.

It was one of those horrible examples when you hate what's going on but you just can't look away from archetypes in action.


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