Saturday, September 10, 2016

I don't belong here


Typical street corner in the 'burg. Wooden cross and Trump shilling. ugh.

Dog- happy and healing.

Aunt- still fighting for surgery info. Hey joint guy- you should really try to contact the owners of the joints you are to replace. Unless you've got some kind of hip joint telepathy (which clearly you don't), those joints aren't just going to walk in by themselves.

School- I gave away my first round of thanks for being awesome selfie picture stickers. They have an option of taking one in lieu of a reward token when a token is offered. It was clear to me that some of them have been waiting for the chance to choose the picture and as I had forgotten about the deal, I was twittering about cutting out stickers in a gleeful frenzy.

Paperwork- will it ever end? After a hurried drive in the rain to a FedEx overnight drop box 25 miles away, I believe I have taken the final steps in closing on the sale (long distance!) of aunt's house. With those papers delivered, all that remains is for them to wire the money to the account. And hey, don't forget about calling all of the utility companies...

But in the mail the same day came a thick envelope of forms and requests for documentation to renew cousin's benefits so the fun never stops.

Add to that the upcoming trip to the dmv for a photo renewal of the drivers license and I should be fulfilling all beauraucratic requirements needed for a gold star.

An added bonus to the week was the night of parent conferences which got me home at 9:00 pm and caused me to oversleep with two minutes to get ready to leave for work the next day.

On the up side, I have a husband who volunteered to bring me dinner on conference night (I told him not to), who drove me to said fedex drop point, who made the phone calls about the as yet missing dentures because I was pretty sure anything I said might burn the telephone wires and a few bridges, who made an extra mid-week trip to deliver magazines to the aunt, who fixed the fuse to the stove at the cousin's house AND who, when I get home, has ZNation ready to binge on Netflix so I can escape reality. So, in spite of it all, Life is Good.


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You are really amazing!!!!!