Sunday, September 11, 2016

We interrupt this acute anxiety

With a brief episode of calm. Though part of the brain is still waiting for permission.

Aunt- it sucks to be her right now as she goes from chair to bed needing assistance for the most menial of tasks. And yet when we visited this afternoon she didn't whine and complain. She appreciated and laughed. After sharing my confusion as to the next steps to be taken, the head nurse at her new facility is arranging for calls and appointments to be made. The head nurse at her residence is going to do some follow up on the dentures. I am not shirking so much as coming to understand that medical people prefer to talk and listen better when they are talking to other medical people. Nurses are the key to those doors and for them I can't express how grateful I am.

Dog is walking and pooping, pooping and walking. Her internet dog friend, Baxter, is having the same surgery on Wednesday so think good knee thoughts for Baxter.

The cousin's paperwork is attended to and in the works of being ready to be submitted. Another beauraucratic hurdle nearly jumped.

In more mundane news- what makes me happy today is a new way to make hard boiled eggs. I think it's waiting for the water to boil and the uncertainty of cooking times that's always made me dread making them. Enter the Internet and a vegetable steamer.


I've left the parts I hate behind. Using the vegetable steamers, the water boils quickly, the eggs don't crack bumping into each other and in 12 minutes you have perfectly hard boiled eggs-cooked with steam. To me they taste gentler. You're welcome.



Sunshine said...

I am going to try the vegetable steamer!

vanfox2371 said...

I'm trying it next time too!