Saturday, September 03, 2016


Hey, good news everyone! Aunt has to have surgery again.

At least it explains why she wasn't making progress in rehab.

At least she's complaining I don't visit enough.

Not Sarcasm:

The monkey hats are blocking.


Sarcasm: At least they'll fit the babies when they are 9.

Not Sarcasm: I like kids better this year than I did last year. I think maybe because I had enough time to decompress during the summer.

Sarcasm: at least everyone in the building is sharing their complaints about the schedule with me except for the one teacher who did the suck up thing and ended up practically having Friday afternoons off and doesn't even have to pretend to be principal and help others.

Not Sarcasm: It's not five million degrees outside. I can breathe without sweating.

(Mostly I included that so I wouldn't end with Sarcasm.)


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