Monday, September 05, 2016

And then you lose your shit over dentures.

How yesterday was supposed to work-

Do laundry.

Go visit aunt.

Go to middle eastern restaurant for dinner.

Go to the grocery store.

How yesterday actually worked-


Aunt visit

STOP. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200.

The visit was rolling along. I cut her pants because they were too tight. We argued about how she actually broke her leg. (It was at the hospital- not at her apartment- it was her leg- not her hip.). Bob was making her laugh when she wasn't asking me to translate what he said and yelling at him for his accent and swallowing his words when he talked.

And then she said "next time you come, bring my teeth you brought the container but it's empty."

I know for a fact that she had her teeth at the last rehab. I remember commenting one day that she had them in. I also remember noticing another day (at the same facility) that she wasn't wearing them. When I asked her she said , "oh I don't wear those anymore."

I checked her belongings with no luck and immediately went to the previous facility. I now hate that facility. I spoke to one of her aides who, while attempting to be helpful, made sure I knew that she wasn't there when she left and it wasn't her fault.

She checked the office and then called the nursing supervisor who did not answer. Meanwhile the nurses at the station were furtively giggling and shrugging their shoulders. Rather than speaking directly to me- I was less than two feet away- they told the aide to tell me to hang out in the lobby until the nursing supervisor came through. I asked if they were expecting him any time soon. She replied oh probably in the next 15-20 minutes. "Does he know I need to talk to him?" No. Just wait he'll probably be around.

Enter me losing it- "so you're telling me I should just hang out in the lobby waiting for the nursing supervisor who may or may not come through and who definitely doesn't know anyone is waiting for him and see what happens?" Well, yes. "This is not acceptable." "Do you know her case managers name?" I gave it. "You can call her in the morning if you're not satisfied."

I am totally willing to accept that aunt somehow disposed of/lost her teeth at this facility but when I was met with apathy and disregard it was more than I could take.

Cut to sobbing and raging in the car. Cut to double checking the apartment (because sometimes aunt is so sure of her false facts that I start to believe them). Cut to sobbing hot mess with the wonderful aide Rose trying to hug it out of me at her apartment.

I don't know how this fiasco will resolve. I won't even go into the complications involved in acquiring those teeth in the first place (I'm pretty sure the initial tooth extraction contributed to the first round of sepsis). In her lack of clarity she said, oh I'll just call Pat (her out of town former dentist) in the morning and tell him I need new ones.

The middle eastern restaurant was closed on Sundays. We ate at Primanti Brothers- delicious but by then I was wiped out.

We did not make it to the grocery store.

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