Wednesday, September 07, 2016

In better news and a list of bizarro-world

The stitches are out. The cone of shame is no more.


The kids were released early today because of low water pressure and no air conditioning.

This gave me time to investigate the aunt's latest medicalness. (Which auto corrected as medical mess)

The rod inserted to allow her to walk broke through the bone which means she will require hip replacement surgery. While painful and awful, knowing is better than not knowing.

Because the dr visit happened between facilities, no one in charge of seeing her and planning things paid attention to where she was and how to connect with her. Hopefully that has now been resolved.

Bizarro World

Our favorite friend in the burg who we like a lot was observed proudly sporting a Trump t-shirt. It saddens us and has colored our perception.

It was likely purchased from a retail outlet located underneath a canopy on a traffic island. Welcome to Western Pennsylvania.

Greathusbandbob and I were invited to a baptism of a 60+ year old adult man. Maybe that's a thing, but not for me.

Donald Trump, a presidential candidate just said our country was losing jobs like big babies. He also said that Hillary has a happy trigger.

ZNation. Not that I'm complaining.


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