Saturday, September 24, 2016

Happy birthday to me in two months

Our upright piano sits approximately ten inches from Greathusbandbob's desk/work/central local area. I can't call it his knitting corner but that gives you an idea about how often he's there and what the space is to him.

Once I tried to move the piano into the yarn room only to be foiled by tight corners and immovable walls.

My plan was to get a high end electric piano to put into the yarn room that I might play again. I shared this plan at knitnight and knitnightmarc asked me if I wanted to buy his. I saved 90% on what I would have paid and got the "best for its time" (1995ish) piano with excellent touch and tone. There are some floppy disks and other bells and whistles but those two qualities were the only ones I was looking for.

Some assembly-tightening of the screws- and tidying-putting the room in order- are required but now I can play again. An added bonus is that having cleared the room during the last minimalist scourge, there is room on the shelves for the music.





Sunshine said...

It's beautiful!!!!!! Can I get you any accessories for it for your birthday?

kmkat said...

Wonderful! A musician without a piano (that she can play whenever she wants) is like a knitter without a stash. Or something.