Sunday, April 01, 2012

Just another day

There's my trapeze partner (Mr. Sophanne's granddaughter). O.k. April Fool on the partner business- but that really IS her and we got to see her in action (when the camera wasn't madly clicking) over the December visit. I think I forgot to tell you and remembered as I was looking for a picture to liven up a boring daily post.

Our April Fool's day started out like this-

Me: Don't let anyone trick you today, it's April Fool's Day.
Him: I was going to tell you it was snowing outside but decided not to trick you.

Later at lunch-

Me: I'm going to bake an apple pie today.
Him: (mouth agape staring incredulously above the rim of his glasses) FROM SCRATCH???
Me: April Fools.

In more high-jinx, I finished a pair of alpaca mittens today because who knows who might need a pair in the spring/summer like 60 degree days we've been having. They're darker than pictured- and warmer. Let's call it a start on Christmas 2012.

Honestly? I'd blog about this seltzer bottle to delay the inevitable bedtime t.v. watching of Game of Thrones. Mostly it feels like "man soap opera" to me. Netflix, here I come.


Roxie said...

Blog about a seltzer bottle? Wow! I love it!

The mittens are gorgeous.

You are such scamp! Great April fooling.

Mountain Mama said...

You really did blog about a water bottle, my friend!