Monday, April 16, 2012

Inspiration Station

I've decided to call this little corner of my world "inspiration station." You may notice a guitar. I have a guitar now. The good thing about having good student teachers is that they inspire you to stretch yourself. When I had the school guitar home during break I played it daily. When I took it back, I missed having it. It's an unobtrusive instrument that I can slowly get better at.

The course of events that led to the guitar is typical in my life. Insomnia brought "Classic Rock Hits" into my itunes library. A second bout brought the full Beatles collection. A continuing obsession with the song "Blackbird" led to me sharing Bobby McFerrin's version with the student teacher which led to him playing it on the guitar which led to me wanting to play it on the guitar which led to me finding the site Ultimate Guitar (sort of a Ravelry for guitar tabs) which led to me believing that I could actually play the guitar which led to me going to the music store and now there is a guitar in House of Sophanne. Don't count on any crappy YouTube videos but now that I think about it, I may revise the "Dog Album" I was working on from summer of 2007.

Behind the guitar is my yarn stash. I've moved the mangled mess from next to the t.v. chair and put all projects (except the ones I'm working on) in one place. I've "organized" it by yarn type and while it still looks like a cluttered mess to some, and it has the potential of imploding, I like the way it feels.

This book- The Tiny Book of Tiny Stories- volume 1 is on the corner. I saw this story featured on the site and it spoke to me. It's put together by which seems worth investigating, but I haven't yet.

One day before breakfast, an orange rolled off the counter and escaped its fate, bounding happily through the kitchen door. Filled with hope, the egg followed.

This little portion of the bookshelf also holds a great deal of potential- Cookbooks, gardening books, anatomy, Shakespeare, 2 ridiculous yet hysterical books by Amy Sedaris- the possibilities of knowing more stuff is endless. The plastic file folder cabinet also holds art supplies.

The trick to success with inspiration station is to return everything to its cubbyhole when I am done. My ADHD nature tends to push me forward to the next engaging thing leaving a mess that is less than inspirational.

Summer, here I come!

bonus points to the regular blog readers who noticed the obligatory bottle of GiantEagle seltzer right away.


JelliDonut said...

What a perfect spot! But you are making me feel guilty about my guitar, which has been untouched for several years. So sad.

Anonymous said...

You are an organized goddess! I throw things on the floor. Srsly.

I'm sure you'll get quite good on that guitar and become a rockstar and run away from home.