Wednesday, April 04, 2012


Pinkish reddish hues were the theme of knit night and there was plenty of madeline tosh mixing it up. Even my beverage matched the tone but come to find Panera's Acai Berry Tea does indeed have caffeine.

I stopped at the "Fire it Up" place to paint a bowl for my favorite lunchtime Secretary friend- also pink-

In other news there is improvement on the foot front. Not perfection but the wincing and "ow-ing" has subsided. Enough so that I could mop the kitchen and bathroom floor. If Mr. Sophanne had a week off with nothing to do he would have renovated our entire home. I'm pretty happy doing nothing for the most part but I think it gets on his nerves so I try to stick in a make our lives a little better project here and there.

I wish the "always be doing something" mindset weren't such a huge force in my brain. Even when I give myself permission to be doing nothing, the voices in the back say "you think this is all right, but really, it isn't."


Roxie said...

How about re-defining what constitutes "doing something?" You have to make a list before you go shopping. Is making a list "doing something?" Is organizing a workshop "doing somehing?" Is thinking over a process to improve it "doing something?" Even when you are sitting still, you are not "doing nothing." It's ok to sit with your foot up now and then.

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