Thursday, April 05, 2012

To the River

We took the girl on an adventure. She loves adventure.

This is what my body feels like on a walking adventure. I need a little WD-40

There is a barge on the river.

Wildlife lives along the river. Shortly after this picture was taken, Liza took off believing she could catch up with the deer. It was such a calm deer otherwise, I thought maybe it was a pet of the people walking.

There are unusual ways to take your dog for a walk on the river. Usually Liza gets all primed up when we cross paths with another dog (we always make sure to have her on a leash when we see them coming.) This dog did not register. I just imagine her thinking "that's no kind of dog I understand."

And finally there is the perfect pose at the grass buffet on the river. Every now and then you have the camera at the right time.

I love that dog.


Stephanie said...

What a lady!

Sunshine said...

What a pretty dog! And pretty walk too!

Roxie said...

Beautiful day for a walk. Beautiful dog for a walk. Beautiful walk for a dog. ;-)

Carol said...

looks like a lovely place to go walking.

Becky said...

I love seeing a happy dog!

My dog loves all other dogs, but is terrified of the little yappy things that live next door. They just confuse him.

Cindy said...

Lil Liza Jane looks so happy. What a good girl. And, the pink thing with a white thing in it? WTF????? Is there a point to having a dog and not letting it out to walk? Pups live to walk.

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