Saturday, April 07, 2012

Knitting for Victory!

Rohn Strong's Kickstarter project Knitting for Victory: America's Knitting History 1916-1945 has been fully funded! I'm looking forward to that book.

Thinking about it got me to thinking about knitting, subterfuge, decoding messages, and foxholes. (I've long since stopped trying to analyze the paths those neurons take and instead just go with it.)

I played with the Google and found a few images that struck me.

Artblogbybobhad some comic book covers I'd never seen before-

The letter says, Dear Mom, The war is like a picnic!.. Today we spent a day at the beach!

I can just imagine secret agent spy-types combing my blog for evidence of subersive activities

HEY TOM! I think we've go something here. She's knitting another bear body. Decode pattern immediately. If you have any trouble, contact Claudia's handpainted or Malabrigo. She says she can't remember the yarn brand. I don't buy it.

This next bit of poster art will make you think twice about blogging-

In lieu of blogging, I better just go out and tend to prepping the garden. Aunt of Sophanne had a Victory Garden. Our Food is Fighting. That phrase in a current context is just so true. Oh how I fight the food.

I knew she was treasonous- she's planting Roma tomatoes!

Whatever the mission is, knitting, gardening, eating, cooking, walking the dog- this popular poster is the one that I like the best. It says it all.

Rohn's still accepting donations extra funds to be used for advertising, promotion, and increasing the initial printing. My thoughts? He's not going to have any trouble selling his book. We've been sold on the idea for years!


Roxie said...

Bravo! I'm looking forward to that book coming out!

Mountain Mama said...

Imagine! Secret agents trolling your blog for evidence of subversive activities! Now THAT would be hysterical!

Mountain Mama said...

I just trolled your blog a little. A couple weeks ago, you posted a blog title in a foreign language. Very suspicious!

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