Monday, April 02, 2012

Today I made...

Thing 1

A trip to the boxstore for Mayo. Here's what I can tell you about Mr. Sophanne- he's taken great umbrage (ever since Marcia Clark used that word in the O.J. trial, it's been one of my favorites) at the mayo makers.

Mayo with the nifty squirt top is so much more expensive than the jar. Yes, we could save the jar, transfer the mayo, but that will likely not happen. He believes someday someone will patent a squeeze top attachment for an "as seen on t.v." ad.

If you ever meet him in person and you run out of things to talk about, this will be one of them. Just warning you.

Thing 2

The start of a bear from the itty bitty knit books.

Thing 3

Friends with the podiatrist. She gave me a shot. Hear ye Hear ye- those aren't fun and for right now things seem to have gotten worse though I'm told it's the shot that's hurting now and not the actual thing-whatever the thing is. Swollen something.

There's something to be said for an all female workplace. No macho doctor types ordering everyone around. It was just so "chill." When she began the shot procedure she said, "relax" I said, "as if." She said "it won't hurt as much if you do- at least that's what my mother always told me." There was also a joke after I told her I gained 100 lbs after I got married and she said "your husband only weighed 100 lbs?" It's a place that I won't hate going back to if I have to.

Thing 4

A lot of "ow, ow, ow oweee, owee" sounds

Thing 5

Popcorn. With lots of butter. Because nothing is better for an injured paw than buttered poppycorn.

Mr. Sophanne on the other hand, made me a sandwich for lunch, made tracks with the dog and then gave her a bath and made the post-podiatrist dinner- hot on the plate when I hobbled into the door. Man, that guy is amazing. Tonight's bedtime-t.v.time is House so I'm much less inclined to blog about seltzer (although, mayo? really? It's a good thing I write so well.)

Looking into the crystal "make it" ball- I see a yarn store trip, a stop at the casino (for the Mr.'s freeplay) and Sylvia's debut at knit night in the cards for tomorrow.


Roxie said...

Mmmmm - popcorn!

Best of luck with the leg. Hope the shots work just like magic!

Guys don't seem to appreciate how complaining out loud cane so self-comforting. I think a good whine releases endorphins. (By the way, a "Good"whine is one that doesn't require anyone else to do anything to make it all better.)

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