Saturday, August 05, 2017

We do more than plan food around here, but not much.

First I have to put this out there. Greathusbandbob for whatever foibles he may have is truly the best when he sees it hit the fan. Other times he teases and often makes jokes that cause me to ask reply "funny to who?" But when you need him he is there.

Today's case in point. A visit to the Aunt. You never know how that's going to roll. Sometimes she's happy sometimes she's cranky mean. I think we get the cranky mean because she can't be that way to anyone else. Today's visit included complaining that we missed a weekend, complaining about not being taken to the store and teasing in a "funny to who" fashion about the time as kids when we slept on a major highway in sleeping bags on lounge chairs in ocean city while the adults got drunk in the camper. She also said she wanted to be reincarnated as our dog so she could go on vacation too.

On the way home greathusbandbob points to the reality of how much we do for her, how we have essentially adopted her adult mentally impaired daughter (to which she says "she's your problem now") and how if it weren't for us she would have been unhappy and/or dead in her home three years ago. So she can complain if she wants to but we are doing the best we can and still keeping sane. However it seems we'll be going to the box store next Sunday. It has to end badly before she'll see that it's not a practical venture.

Yesterday was take cousin shopping and to lunch day. Her doctor said diet. And said something about buffets and only taking a little bit. Cousin took that as taking a little bit of Every. Single. Thing. On the buffet. It was a mound of food the likes a grown man would eat. Pretty sure that's not what the doc meant but I pick the battles. On the other hand when she went back for dessert (it was a smallish buffet) she came back with this.


She's watching her weight.

I behaved myself, had a tossed salad, a small bowl of brown rice and two honey chicken strips the size of my pinkies. Sacrificing and saying no to both egg roll and crab Rangoon. For the past two years every Saturday has been a trip to the box store followed by lunch somewhere. The new plan once school starts is early Saturday shopping (8:30ish) it's a once a month out to dinner or so. I need to reclaim some of my time for knitting friend adventures and workshops and such.

My food today and yesterday followed the rules and there was 40 minutes of WiiU Zumba each day. It burns 600+ calories. Walking for the same amount of time burns maybe 100. I am drenched when it is over every time. That can't be bad.

In other projects. I don't think I'm a lego girl. After spending some initial time with it the novelty has worn off and at some point I'm going to find a good home to give it to.

Although anxious about the high school class I am at least a little prepared. This afternoon I gathered some thoughts about how to start the year with my elementary kids. Whereas the high school prep took the first seven Mondays of summer, the ideas gathered for the little ones are enough to roll with mostly because of the "old pro" factor.

I like to start the year with a theme and this year's will be mountains- and then you use the names of mountains as words by which to learn rhythms. My words are Matterhorn, Table Mountain, Spruce Knob, Mt Fuji and Bear(I needed a one syllable mountain- let me know if you think of a better one.). There is a Bear Mountain in upstate New York and also bears live in the mountains so there's that. The cool part of the theme is that I have actually been to the first three. Looks like I need to make a trip to Japan.

There is a giant crocheted afghan called Atlanticus. I started it on vacation. There are a total of 12 parts. I just started part 9. Here's a sneak peek. It will likely fit our king size bed at some point.


And a special thanks to kmkat, Suzanne and my mom for reading and commenting. Especially when it's so few and far between when I visit the blogs of the first two. I'd probably keep writing even if I felt like I was talking to myself but your comments mean a lot and Suzanne, if I can do it, so can you. 7% in a year works for me. Kmkat- when are you traveling this way? and mama, it was easier than a bunch of complaining venting texts. Have a good week all.



sunshine said...

Is she still harping on that visit to Ocean City? Geez! I know her memory is slowly going, but you would think she would forget that one already!!!!!

sunshine said...

Also, the Aunt's other sister told her the same thing the last time she talked to her. She would not be alive today if it weren't for you! That she ought to appreciate all the wonderful things that you and husband do for her!

Kathryn Kienholz said...

I came over here to find your email address because it didn't pop up when I typed your REAL first name in the TO field. turns out you are in my Gmail under "sophanne", go figger ;-)

Anyhoo, the email will hit you shortly with my tentative itinerary. Right now W'boro is a Friday, 9/1, event.