Sunday, August 13, 2017


We just finished watching Ozark on Netflix.  It was all about decisions and how one decision effects the outcome of everything.

Last summer I made friends with zumba.

This summer we went on vacation.

While on vacation the family danced with WiiU dance game.

The boy and greathusbandbob played a few Mario games together.

The plans were made for the boy to come and stay with us.

In anticipation of the boy coming to stay with us I researched possible games that the two could play together while he was here.

In addition to finding a few, I also found a zumba WiiU game.

And so now I have done zumba every day but Friday for the last two weeks.  Monday and Thursday with grandparents from school and the other days in the basement.  While not as much fun as real life, it's just as sweaty.

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