Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Good deed for the day

The aunt got to the box store. She's the Dolly Parton impersonator in the rolly cart.


Pressing needs? Batteries (which I got her two weeks ago) foundation, eye shadow, a birthday card, a $5 box store necklace and some body lotion that she thought was shampoo. This was after we had to leave one- crowded because the students are back- box store for another on the other side of town because there were no rolly carts at the first one.

We did have a decent exchange afterwards.

This is a lot of work for you, you hate this don't you?

It's not my favorite thing.

You would like it better if it involved food.

No that's not it, it's just that I already do it every weekend with your daughter.

Ohhhhhh. Then there was a fleeting memory and knowing nod and she said "I'll give you my list from now on."

And then I offered up a ride in the car to get out of the building every now and then if that would make things more interesting for her.

The truth shall set you free. We'll see how well she remembers that.

Meanwhile, said cousin called today and said "my backpack is falling apart, are you doing anything today, can we go get one?" I said we'll do it on Saturday, took a Xanax and went to bed. She never minds when you say no. She doesn't get disappointed but there is always the guilt of having said no.

Food consumtion was harder today. Few options, no time to try something new. I stuck to it all. The white chili tastes much better after a few days. Zumbabettygave away some cucumbers on Monday so I sent her a note thanking her for lunch today.

What's interesting is that I've grown accustomed to feeling a little hungry. It's not the rumbling death rattle in my body that I used to think it was. If you're a little bit hungry and you're not addicted to sugary carbs, you can make it to the next healthy snack.

That being said, I'm going to have to pick up my find good snacks for work game. I get a little nibbly every two hours or so and there's a cabinet at school full of peanut m&m's and snicker bars. I'm going to try to make honey and oat granola bars tomorrow.

Did a half assed post nap version of WiiU Zumba but sometimes it's not how well you do it, just that you keep doing it. The scale says I've lost some weight and I've noticed that my hump (what hump? LOL) has receded. Not so pronounced. I look forward to misplacing some belly fat so the WiiU Zumba belt doesn't come unattached regularly.

Tonight's big adventure will be beating the garbage men at their own games. Alarm is set for 4:00 am. If they come earlier than that I'm going to load up the car and drop it off at THEIR house and let stray dogs tear it up.


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sunshine said...

You would like it better if it involved food??? What does that mean? But I love your description of the pic "Dolly Parton imperonator in the rolly cart." Heehee