Tuesday, January 03, 2012

The year in knitting... or not.

I was going to do a year in knitting post but it was a little bit a pain in the a$$. So if you want to see what I knit- go ahead and read the blog. Gardening months are sparse.

Instead I played with photoshop and put together a collage of my favorite knits of 2011 and my hopes for 2012/

It must be that after I finished Queen Anne's Lace and the Doublemasse (stranded hat) that I said "enough is enough." Although there is another Queen Anne's Lace in Lavold Silky Wool that has yet to be blocked or introduced to the world.

Five pairs of socks this year. Go Me. Enough for the week if I wear slippers on the weekend. Oh wait, Slippers? I has them.

I've got two lifetime log cabin blankets going on - one in sock yarn- the other in Cascade. I blamethank Yarnhog for her Noro Log Cabin for those.

Stephen West became a new favorite designer- someone who's patterns I'll actually spend time reading because I can and they are gorgeous.

The mailbox cracks me up. I wish I had more patience for those mochimochi knits. Perhaps it will come.

The simplest knits (the family of hats) ended up being the most rewarding and in the lower right corner is a top down v-neck in MadelineTosh ala Elizabeth Zimmerman- another 2012 resolution.

Given the pain in the a$$ of posting about the year, I'm refraining but offering this advice- go back and look at what you've done and be amazed. It feels good.


Becky said...

Those hats look really impressive all lined up like that, be very amazed :)

Roxie said...

That grey and gold hat just blows my mind! You rock!

Deborah-- said...

Will I still be amazed when I look back and see I only completed one knitted item for all of 2011? :-) My favorite is all the hats you knitted for Christmas!