Tuesday, January 10, 2012

#8 continues because we don't know when to stop

So at lunch today I asked ChickenBob if he got his #8 plant. He said "not yet, but I'm going to need more dirt. I noticed that it settles and there's less of it if there's no plant in it."

SecretarySandy said "my grandma always said to put garlic in the dirt to keep it from doing that."

Me: (post spit-take) NO WAY!!! (I was so trying not to laugh at what was transpiring-so instead of going along I had to exaggerate my amazement) Then I asked "did she use fresh or minced?"

SecretarySandy said, "whatever you have around. fresh, minced- I figure grandma just used garlic salt, knowing her."

ChickenBob: I might have to try that.

I seriously hope that he's "getting us" as much as we think we're "getting him" because this is just too funny to be real.

Tonight was a great knit night but you'll have to wait until I grab a PICTURE of a PRESENT made for ME before I can reveal all.


vanfox23 said...

This is great. I'm enjoying the chicken bob antics so much! Oh and to let you know, knit night went great Monday. I'm going next Monday too. It's so nice to sit with people who share the same interest/obsession!

Roxie said...

You don't suppose Chicken Bob reads your blog, do you? Bet he's searching for a topiary shaped into a figure 8 just to show you.

Garlic is not good for plants. Nor is gin and tonic. Someone spilled one into my Norfolk Island Pine at a party and it died.

Cindy said...

Chicken Bob is one rare bird, girl!!!