Monday, January 30, 2012

Mitts and Miracles

Because I'd like to blog every knit a little more responsibly this year, I share with you some rusty red mittens made for the Aunt of Sophanne. They're from Ann Budd's pattern book- cast on 43 stitches with #6 needles and it's the right size when using Berroco Alpaca. The best surprise when making these is that I had the above number/yarn combination as a "note to self" in my Ann Budd book and DID NOT have to make 4 different mittens to get the right size. So be it that all future mittens are in ultra alpaca- there are worse things to knit.

Many of you are no doubt wondering how it is that my work table happens to be clear of postal debris. I got one of these.

It's a bill organizer. I'm 46 years old and I finally figured out that you don't store the paid bills (that create confusion)in there. Instead you just put the ones that NEED to be paid in their little slots to ensure you pay the right amount. Both the cable company and the water company will be glad that I will no longer be paying their bill three months in advance (just to be sure I paid it)

Also often found on this desk (and notably missing) are my meds, my eyeglass/contact supplies, and my makeup. Here's the trick. I practiced keeping them in little containers (still on the workspace) for a week. After I got good at that I moved the containers to a less conspicuous drawer. AND drum roll please... I've managed to maintain that little habit.

Hence- I has desk space. At this rate my knitting corner will be permanently decluttered and organized by the time I'm 92. I can't wait!

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Roxie said...

Sweet mitties! And awesome organization. You should be proud.