Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Why knit night was so awesome

So I don't have a proper picture of it. It's much nicer in person, but KnitNightMarc made and gave me a present yesterday.

It's Cat Borhdi's moebius cowl and it's awesome. It wasn't my birthday, Christmas has passed so it was just a present because he said the color made him think of me. I LOVE IT! After the full moon antics of the past couple of days (including throwing away a soprano xylophone and being accused of being a ne'er do well that has no business being around children), it's just what the Karma Doctor ordered!

Other highlights of knit night included no less than 3 knitted torso garments from fellow knitters- must take camera to knit night regularly- and learning about "lustre dust"

Cod weather is coming, I will be warm. The moon is waning. Perhaps the crazy-stupid will tone down. (Has anyone noticed that it seems the last 3 months of full moons have been mighty powerful? OY!)


Anonymous said...

I love the "no reason, but I saw this and thought of you" type of present! (I really love giving them, but getting them isn't bad, either.)

Roxie said...

The cowl is too cool for school! You will be SO warm and cozy.

Luster dust is a pastry decoration, right? Does it have much flavor? Could I brush it across my shoulders for a romantic evening?

Stay warm and stay happy. I do love your blog!

Carol said...

'Just because' prezzies are the best! I love that ocwl too....must knit day

Sunshine said...

That green reminds me of an afghan that your grandmother did for you. Same color

Stephanie said...

Very pretty! I'm seeing cowls all over the place lately.

I knit a scarf once. It took me seven years.

Mountain Mama said...

Consider the source! That is all.