Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Mouths of Babes

These pictures are a part of a slide show I share with kindergarten after we sang a song about trains from South Africa. They are of me in 2002 when I spent 6 weeks of the summer there.

Here is what kids spontaneously said:

"You were beautiful then."

"You were so pretty"

"That must have been a LONG time ago."

Here is what I heard.

"Hey Mrs. Sophanne, you could stand to lose a few!"

"Wow, you got old fast."

They are only 6 years old. Still that did not prevent me from having the desire to shout to all of them "YEAH??? Well, I'm HAPPY now!!!!"


vanfox23 said...

oh kids and the things they say. What matters is you are happy now, however you do look happy in those pictures. What a great experience to spend 6 weeks there - awesome!

Sunshine said...

You always look happy when you are around kids!!!!!

Roxie said...

Did you feel pretty then? Were you happy then? Do you feel pretty now? How you feel is pretty much up to you. Cut yourself some slack, dear girl. Love the girl you are. You ARE pretty now!

craftivore said...

Kids are so blunt it really catches you off guard sometimes. A bit sad that they're already to body conscious. You do have a lovely smile in the picture in the bottom, maybe that's what they're responding to. Gorgeous mitts in the last post!

Diana said...

I loved seeing that you say you are happy now.

Diana said...

I loved seeing that you say you are happy now.

Janet said...

You should have told them you're happy now. Kids - heck - everybody needs to know that being happy is not dependent on being young and pretty. You've seen my slides and old pictures - I am immersed in photos of myself between the ages of 6 and 23. Seeing myself so very young could get me down now that I am 59. I'm never going to be that young again, and try as I may I will never be that thin again. But I am happy NOW. And I have twice the self-confidence I ever did when I was young. There is nothing more attractive than a happy, confident person. You are more beautiful now than ever.

Yarnhog said...

Ouch. I started dyeing my hair because a six year old said to me, "Mrs. V, did you know your hair is white? Why is it white? Are you a grandma?" I was 37.

kmkat said...

Where were you in SA?