Saturday, July 09, 2011

No daily blog post?

It's summer, I feel a mission to keep you entertained. And yet knitting a pair of men's size 13 clogs has been pretty time consuming. I told Mr. Sophanne that everyone in the knitting world said they "were the bomb" and maybe he'd want a pair. At first he declined but once I said "o.k. I won't make them for you..." he said, "well if they're the bomb..."

The bonus is that I have some gold cascade that I hate the most the most. I'm mixing it with some dark brown and getting rid of that crap color!

Also I figure that if I have to be disappointed about a felting failure, I'll have more support if he has a stake in it too. Two more soles to knit and attach and it will be felting time.

After reading the pattern for the third time I noticed that the last round before the cuff says k2, k2tog then knit to the end. Sadly on my own pair I read this as k2, k2tog AROUND THE CUFF. The footholes on mine are going to be notably undersized. If you somehow know this won't make a lot of difference and that I can stretch it out, I'd be much obliged for such knowledge. This confirms my inability to follow directions in spite of previous gloating to the contrary.

And finally- the best part of my day today happened at 10:30 a.m. when LizaJane decided I had slept in enough, jumped on the bed, licked my face awake and left and came running to me with my shoes. The second best part of the day was when after noticing a pinkish color in her poop I discovered the two earplugs that I couldn't find 2 nights ago. Lawd-a-mercy I love that dog.


JelliDonut said...

You could maybe cut a little wedge out of the foot hole if they're a bit tight?

A long time ago my dog ate an entire box of my sister's crayons. We figured it out when we took the dog for a walk in the snow. I'm not kidding about this.

LisaBe said...

ohhhh, dogs. i had no idea i even owned beads until we took luxo to the veterinary emergency hospital.

Sarah O'Brien said...

Hi :) Come check out my blog? I've followed you, it'd be great if you could do the same ^_^ ♥ I also have a facebook page and a flickr, take a look?

Roxie said...

A friend's labrador started acting quite peculiar - too relaxed to sit upright. They rushed her to the vet where they kept her overnight for observations, but couldn't figure what the problem was. She recovered and was just fine. It was years before the son admitted that the dog had eaten a whole baggie of marijuana.

Anonymous said...

Still laughing over Roxie's comment about the dog who ate the entire lid and was too stoned to sit upright.